It’s hard for many students to set aside sufficient time for writing a good paper, but there are many online services which offer to do this kind of homework assignment for you. One of them is Is this service reliable and affordable? Does it offer high quality? Get the answers to these and other important questions from this objective and detailed review.

1. Reputation

This provider of custom academic writing services has good reputation overall. The company has been around since 2003 and has helped many students over the years. The majority of them are perfectly happy with what they have received.

2. Services and Guarantees

The company focuses on the provision of three main types of writing services. These are essay, report and dissertation writing. You can order practically any type of paper including a coursework. You can also take advantage of a marking service. Its paid version includes proofreading, detailed feedback and a grade estimation.
When it comes to guarantees, offers a good number of them. There is a money back guarantee with which you can get what you’ve paid back if the essay that you’ve received doesn’t get the expected grade. There is a plagiarism-free guarantee and one for on-time delivery too. Remember that you must read the terms and conditions of the guarantees first.

3. Prices and Discounts

There are no fixed rates with this service provider and this is something which is worth highlighting in this review. Still, you can use a calculator to estimate how much the completion of your written homework assignment will cost you. The factors which determine the price include the type of service that you use and the type of paper that you order, the grade which you are aiming to achieve, your academic level and the size of the written work and the timeframe for its completion.
There are discounts for referring a friend and for setting a period longer than 14 days for the completion of the order. Additionally, the references and bibliography which would normally come with a paper are included in the package for free.

4. Quality of Services

Given the sample essays on the company’s website, you can expect the services to be of high quality. If you order a paper, you can get perfect grammar, sentence structure and punctuation and logically structured paragraphs. You can expect the research to include a variety of reputable sources and the analysis to have sufficient depth.

5. Customer Service

Customer support is dependable as a whole, but it is not available around the clock. You can contact the company during office hours which are set based on GMT so you will have to be somewhat flexible if you are in the USA or Australia. You can always call the company, have a live chat with one of their representatives or email them.

6. Additional Features

The website offers a wide variety of free resources including hundreds of essay examples, referencing guidelines for each of the major styles and writing guides. This is perhaps the most generous service provider in this respect.
The conclusion of this review is that the company can deliver essays and other papers of high quality, but naturally the service isn’t the cheapest.

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