Are Essay Writing Services Really Helping You?

It’s not a secret that students all over the world use custom writing services from time to time. Nowadays, there are probably more students who prefer to pay for essay, than those who decide to cope with everything on their own and struggle with writing a boring paper during sleepless nights. That is why there are hundreds of “top essay writing services” available on the web. There can be multiple reasons for the rising popularity of such services. However, anyone who knows at least something about making a profitable business should know that the supply of services always depends on the customer’s demand. The more students are willing to pay for their papers the more companies appear on the market. But can the benefits of using custom writing companies outnumber the disadvantages of it? Let’s find out if buying cheap essays really helps you to succeed in academic studies and if you should use them.

Charly thinking about essay writing services

Companies vs Individuals

Before we go any further, we need to consider two options of purchasing custom written papers from. You can either work with an individual writer or choose from the top essay writing services to help you with your paper. Although working with a company has much more disappointing consequences for a poor student’s pocket, you should go with this option. Buying cheap essays can cause you big problems because of their unoriginal and low-quality content. The two things you should keep in mind when taking a decision are the final result you’ll get and minimizing the risks of the negative outcome. The best paper writing services can offer you some confidence-inspiring guarantees (e.g. money back guarantee) and professional writers.

Of course, you can’t be sure of their professionalism and sense of responsibility, but your chances of getting a decent paper within the set deadline are much higher than when using the services of an individual custom writer. Top essay writing services need more time for processing your order and its reviews might take more time, but you’ll definitely receive your paper on time. One more reason for choosing custom writing companies instead of individuals is that your paper will be written by someone who has a relevant background in your topic and/or extensive experience in academic writing and can guarantee a high-quality paper. Moreover, there’s a higher probability that your paper will be plagiarism-free because most of the best paper writing services value their reputation and are interested in every client coming back and becoming their loyal customer.

Is Paying Someone to Write Your Paper a Bad Idea?

Now, let’s look at the best paper writing services closely and discover some of the disadvantages of using them. The first point we need to mention here is that using a college paper writing service is prohibited by every educational institution. And it’s not because all those grumpy professors are so cruel and don’t care about their students’ well-being. It’s because every instructor wants his/her students to learn something and demonstrate their knowledge by writing a substantial and well-structured paper. Writing an essay improves your learning skills and teaches you how to analyze the given information and express your thoughts in a logical way. If you pay for essay you’ll experience a lack of these skills. Here are some other disadvantages for you to consider.

  • A high risk of getting caught. We all have our individual style of writing and tend to use a particular set of words. It will be very easy for your instructor to understand that the paper you’ve turned in was written by somebody else. Especially, if writing essays was never your forte and then suddenly you’ve managed to create a masterpiece of literary work. You may rewrite the paper you receive at least a bit to make it look more like your own. Remember, the punishment for turning in a purchased paper is expulsion.
  • Spending your money. You don’t want to buy cheap essays for the reasons mentioned above. Therefore, you’ll have to pay the best paper writing services to receive a paper of a decent quality. But practice shows that a higher price doesn’t always mean a better quality. The bigger part of your money goes to the company, not to the writer. His/Her writing skills might leave much to be desired.
  • Plagiarism. A lot of the college paper writing services use material from banks of standard essays. You should be very careful and check your paper for plagiarism yourself before submitting it. You can use numerous online resources for that. There are some teachers who already do that.
  • Original but shallow content. College paper writing services promise you authentic content and they might be telling the truth. But there are no guarantees your paper won’t be dull.
  • Possible identity theft. When you pay for essay with a credit card there’s always a risk of your personal information being used with wrongful intention.

As you can see, the risk of a negative outcome when using even the top paper writing services is very high. You can even forget about getting your degree if caught by your instructor. So, why do students continue using these services? These are the most popular reasons.

  • Getting a professionally written paper to increase a grade point average. A good result is guaranteed.
  • Saving time. We all know how busy a student can be.
  • Being able to learn from the professionals. You can use a custom written paper as a sample for your next assignments.
  • Not failing. There might be times when there’s no opportunity for you to write a paper on your own. You can get sick or there can be a family emergency keeping you from writing a paper. We are all humans, after all.
  • Passing the subjects you struggle with. You can’t be brilliant at every subject, right?

Hopefully, after taking all of these pros and cons into consideration you’ll be able to decide whether to pay for essay or not.

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