When your essay seems impossible to write because of the small amount of time which you have or because the assignment is extremely complex, you can hire a professional to get the work done. Is the right website for the purpose? This honest and detailed review aims to answer this question.

1. Reputation

This website for custom essay writing has not been around for long, but it has received an overall positive response from users. Customers are predominantly happy with the service as a whole. In general, the site is very modern and well-organized.

2. Services and Guarantees

You can order any type of paper from EssayPro. The service is suitable for both undergraduate and postgraduate students. Virtually all academic disciplines are covered. In general, the services on this website are very flexible because it is practically a marketplace for connecting students to writers. When you place an order, different professionals will bid for it and you will be able to assign it to the one that you choose. Given the way in which the website works, there are naturally no guarantees. You get to negotiate the terms and conditions of the service with the writer that you hire.

3. Prices and Discounts

There are no fixed prices and discounts on this website and this is one of the key things which you should take into account when deciding whether to use it after reading this review. When professionals bid on your order, they will offer different prices and you will be able to pick one of them based on this factor among others. Once important piece of advice here is to avoid basing your decision on the offered price only. You must ensure that you will get good quality too.

4. Quality of Services

The quality which you will get depends only on the professional that you will hire and therefore on your ability to evaluate writers. You can readily check their profiles available on the website. Each writer’s statement can reveal a lot about her writing skills and style so you should take the time to read it carefully. The profile gives you a clear idea of the fields and types of assignments which each professional is most competent in, but there is no mention of educational qualifications. There are also reviews and ratings which you can use for the evaluation.

5. Customer Service

Unless you have an account, you can get support only via a live chat. The EssayPro website doesn’t mention the company’s email or telephone number which you could use to reach them. The FAQ page doesn’t offer much additional information and hence it is not very helpful.

6. Additional Features

The site has a blog where you can find useful posts and a complete guide to essay writing. You can also find samples to use as inspiration. All resources are extremely helpful for students.
What’s the verdict of this review? This website offers high flexibility to students. You can set your own terms and conditions entirely and settle for a price which is affordable to you.

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  1. When I Google my user name, my personal essay on my father appears..when I click, Essay Pro site appears. Why is my essay being used to advertise ESSAY PRO? I am finding my poetry on five sites. It has a copyright as do my essays..

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