Does the Service Offer Dependable Homework Help?
Some homework assignments are harder and more time-consuming than others. For them, you can receive help from Could this be the best online service for you? This review will help you to make a well-informed decision.

1. Reputation

The service has good reputation overall, but you have to keep in mind that there are often big differences between the opinions of customers. This is because Studybay is practically a platform where students get connected with writers. You get to pick among the professionals who place their offers for your order. Hence, it is your responsibility to ensure that you will hire a qualified professional.

2. Services and Guarantees

The website offers a variety of homework assistance services. These include paper writing, proofreading and doing math assignments and other non-word assignments. The services are suitable for students in high school and those in college and university. Those enrolled in a doctoral degree program can order a dissertation proposal.
The company has a money back guarantee and a plagiarism-free guarantee, but they former, in particular, is not explained in detail on the website. That is why the recommendation of this review is to ask about the terms and conditions of the money back guarantee directly before you have any dealings with the service provider.

3. Prices and Discounts

The rates advertised on the Studybay website appear to be much lower compared to those of competitors. However, it is not clear whether you can actually secure such a price, given that writers will bid offers for your order. It is perfectly possible for all offers to have much higher rates than those advertised. The company has discounts. Some pop up directly on their website while others are available elsewhere on the web.

4. Quality of Services

The quality will be based on how good your writer is. That is why you should be extra careful when hiring. You should not focus solely on the quoted prices, but check the profiles of all bidders. Pay close attention to their educational qualifications, if they have shared any. Use the short presentation on each profile to assess the grammar, spelling, punctuation and overall language use of every bidder.

5. Customer Service

There are three main ways to get support when you use the services of the website. You can use the online chat for direct online communication or give the service provider a call. It is also possible to send an email. Customer support isn’t available around the clock so you may not always get a quick response.

6. Additional Features

The website features detailed guides to writing numerous types of papers. There are even articles with tips on how to approach topics in specific academic disciplines. One interesting feature is the listing of all assignments done on a specific topic. You can check who the author of each assignment is and the reviews which this professional has got.
The verdict of this review is that you can get dependable homework help at a reasonable rate via this website if you are very careful when choosing a writer.

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  1. is an OK service in case you need to get an average essay very fast. They deliver on time (I’ve already ordered 2 papers) and the papers are of average quality. Nothing special.

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