Top 40 Online Tools To Make A Genius Writer Out Of You

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It’s hard to imagine the way the writers from the past suffered writing their masterpieces. We, on the other hand, have multiple online resources to help us be more productive. Check these top online writing tools to become the writer you want to be.


The most difficult part is to start writing. We always try to find some excuses to postpone the process and then regret about the wasted time. These tools will help you to concentrate on your work.

Write or Die – You’d better write your paper fast or tons of spiders and horrific sounds will drive you crazy.

Cold Turkey – Say NO to procrastination and start writing. This app won’t let you visit your favorite sites to spend hours of your valuable time in vain.

Tomato – Increase your productivity with this tool that tracks your working time.

StayFocus – It limits the time you can spend on procrastination and checking the updates of your friends.

CalmlyWriter – There’s nothing else except for you and a white screen. Start writing your text without any distraction.

Brainstorming and Collaborating

Have a difficult time coming up with a brilliant idea for your literary piece? You won’t after using these tools. You can also share the ideas with friends and work on the project together.

Evernote – Coping with a group assignment will become much easier. Use this tool to share your notes with others and come up with extraordinary ideas and nail the project.

Wridea – Share your ideas with friends and colleagues to invent something worth everyone’s attention.

Scapple – Create mind maps and come up with brilliant ideas for your future masterpiece using this brainstorming tool.

Mindmeister – Using this mind mapping tool will speed up your brainstorming process. You can share the ideas with your friends via integrated Skype calls.

Mindmup – It’s free and integrates with Dropbox and Google Drive. What else do you need from a powerful mind mapping tool?

Coggle – Here you’ll be able to create colorful mind maps and share them with your peers. The tool is very easy to use and has a pretty design.


Finding the relevant and up-to-date information is another obstacle on your way of writing the perfect paper. Luckily, there are very helpful research tools to minimize your efforts.

Mendeley – You get to read numerous articles on your topic and choose the most helpful ones. Other scholars and your peers rate them to optimize the process of research for you.

InfoPlease – Do you need to find out which countries have nuclear weapons capabilities? Or have something to clear up about the Big Bang theory? Come here and you will find it.

ArXiv – Look through the yet unpublished scientific reports to find the necessary evidence to prove your point of view.

Questia – An online library that lets you search through more than 83, 000 books to find what you need.

Refdesk – Do you have a question? There’s a very high probability you’ll find the answer here.

Diigo – Organizes the information from online sources. You won’t need to make those endless bookmarks anymore to return to the saved web page later.

Snopes – You should check all the information you’ve found before presenting it in your paper. Here you’ll find out if this information is true or not.

Shareist – Organizes the data you’ve found to include in your paper. Perfect for those who write blogs and are active on social media.


Let the party begin! Now that it’s time to actually start writing, you need to find the perfect environment to work on your paper.

Scrivener – Helps you turn all of your brilliant ideas into a decent literary piece. You can arrange your notes and format the text using this tool. Writing a paper is easy when you have everything you need in one place.

Ulysses – If easy writing with no distractions is something you’re looking for, Ulysses is definitely what you need. It allows you to focus on your text and then create any type of a document from your manuscript.

Ommwriter – Create your own cozy environment to finish your paper as soon as possible. You can listen to some relaxing tracks and choose the background you like to focus on your work.

Mellel – If you have to write a long document and you don’t want it to turn into a mess, this tool is designed to help you. You’ll have a possibility to have a bird’s eye view of your entire paper and organize it properly.

Writeapp – You can either keep your writing a secret or share some of it with the whole world and see what others think about it. The app also has a distraction-free function.

Cherrytree – Use it as your notebook to develop ideas and proofread your texts. There’s a possibility of interlinking some of the pages and terms for your convenience.

BlankPage – A great tool to devote yourself exclusively to the writing process. Useful reminders and statistics will help you stay motivated and focused.

Draft – You can get an instant editing help and write without distractions.

Penzu – A private online diary you can use for taking notes and writing drafts.


Writing a bibliography page is very boring and demotivating. Everybody knows that. That’s why we’re very grateful to those people who helped the humanity to forget about these problems.

Docear – You can organize literature by categories, copy annotations and references, and discover new resources for your paper.

BibMe – Writing a bibliography page is no longer a nightmare. This tool automatically generates citations according to the chosen formatting style.

CiteULike – Allows you to store the references you find and share them with your friends.

Zotero – The tool promises to do all the dirty work for you. Forget about bibliography writing problems.

Bibliography Generator – Creates the citations automatically according to the required formatting style.

EasyBib – Quickly generates citations in APA, MLA, and Chicago formats.

Editing and Proofreading

Make sure you don’t use any inappropriate phrases and have no misspelled words in your paper.

Grammarly – It proofreads your text and suggests some possible options of how to make it more understandable and readable.

Hemingway – Use this app to make you sentences better and clearer.

Cliché Finder  – Don’t let those boring and unnecessary phrases spoil the impression of your text.

ProWritingAid – Helps to increase your readability and make your paper more interesting and flawless.

Grammark – If you want to see a detailed statistics of your text, use this tool.

Power Thesaurus – Can’t come up with the right substitute for a word? Or don’t know how to paraphrase a sentence? Come here and find out.

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