How to Beat Turnitin

If you’re reading this article, then you’ve probably been struggling with finding a way to beat Turnitin. It may seem unfair that they make you upload your papers in this evil program. But the reason for doing so is pretty harmless – checking if your paper is original or not. The issue of plagiarism is treated pretty seriously these days and there’s no chance for you to get a good grade if you’ve pasted someone else’s words in your outstanding essay. But there should be the way to save yourself from this monstrous software, shouldn’t it?

Is there a Turnitin cheat algorithm you can use?

Students have been working on various methods of tricking Turnitin software. Unfortunately for the, all those efforts are spent in vain because this smart software can see all of your papers through. Here are some of the tricks students often try to use and fail in the end. Make sure you don’t make the same mistakes.
The most popular method is replacing one of the letters throughout the text with a similar one from another language. But the all of the words written with a Cyrillic letter will still be recognized and compared to the English words containing similar characters. You also are not advised to use Word Macros. It won’t help you to alter the plagiarized text. One of the most creative ways to fill all the spaces between words with white text that makes it invisible. Turnitin displays all the words regardless of their color so it won’t do you any good. Putting your text in quotation marks won’t help as well.

“So, is there a way to cheat? Nope, we are sure there isn’t.”

What Is Turnitin?

Well, it’s a software that analyzes your paper and looks for unoriginal content in it. It then underlines the plagiarized sentences and your instructor can see them without any efforts paid from her side. What a nice program, isn’t it? Except for the fact that it makes every student feel like he or she is already guilty, it is. Of course, it makes the life of your instructors much easier and guarantees that their students will write every writing assignments by themselves. But what is Turnitin, really? It’s yet one more reason of your stress. Even if you didn’t use some wise thoughts of other people writing your masterpiece, you now need to check it for several times to make sure none of your presented arguments or conclusions are written in the same words as theirs. And that is what’s turning poor exhausted and honest students into nervous zombies looking for a better anti-plagiarism software to find some possible unintentional violations in their papers. So, how to beat Turnitin?

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