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  • NOT clean money back is a custom writing service where you can order a paper written from scratch or have your own proofread and edited. The also provide help with admission essays. The prices are affordable. The benefits of the service are professional writers and multiple guarantees.
According to statistics of a seasoned agency with 10 years of track record (for some obvious reasons we cannot disclose names)

,  the number of recurring customers is barely equals 14%. Those who understand it, know that quality of digital presence is crucial for the business. The first time you get acquainted with the customer means almost everything and savvy companies understand that investing money in digital presence is not about extra efforts and services, but about keeping afloat. represents the legion of those who bet on quality and catchy style – both as for digital presence and services.

Getting started

Unlike a good number of its competitors, Essaypedia is all about style and creativity. The website looks perfectly across a variety of devices, and the interaction experience is excellent. When you land at the website you know exactly what to do – the structure is quite user-friendly and easy to comprehend.

Calculating the price was traditionally one of the main embarrassing things that prevented thousands of potential customers from pulling the trigger. While the quote is being prepared so much can happen… but this is where you almost exactly know the price you’ll have to pay. Take advantage of a nice app to calculate your work, and although discrepancies are possible, finding out a very close to realistic price is a matter of seconds.

The price to pay

The price range for for the services starts from $22 per page of academic or business writing job. Ouch… that’s not cheap, right? Although, the offer is priced at somewhat above average level, the quality compensates its all. Even the most affordable, ‘undergraduate’ executors demonstrate nice results – we’ve ordered two pieces of work on economics are united in our opinions – the quality leaves nothing to be desired. The work was provided 5 hours before the deadline, while the ‘test’ corrections were processed within another 2 hours.

As for the difference between the 3 levels – it’s not that crucial, you pay $30 and $28 per page for less ‘advanced’ offers. The 30 pages manuscript by bachelor and professional is just $60 difference, which is a little bit weird for those looking to enjoy more professional approach and save money (hopefully, it’s not a part of marketing strategy, but the result of inner business processes optimization).

Mature and comprehensive

So our review votes yes? Well, it instills confidence and seems to have stunning reputation – the things so many people are looking for when the time is pushing them hard. Before you part with your hard-earned money, you can check a bunch of samples and see what people say in testimonials section.

Established in 2011, with heaps of features, such as live chat, ‘call me back’ and order tracking (it updates the status of your order almost in real time), a wide selection of options and even a money back guarantee looks like all-inclusive for those looking for quality writing assistance.

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