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  • Wide range of subjects
  • Clean design


  • High price
  • Bad reputation

EvolutionWriters.com is a custom writing service that can assist students with all kinds of writing assignments. It has average prices and offers a loyalty program with additional discounts for returning clients. The writers have a broad experience in crafting papers of different levels of difficulty and deliver good results.
Looking for a mixture of quality and price in writing works? Drop in at evolutionwriters.com

– the right place to order your best writing works, a synergy of fair pricing model and profesionalism. Starting from $9.97 per page and packed with a nice set of benefits, the platform seems to be a stunning option for those looking for quality, and probably the time. So what trump cards do these guys have?

The offer

Perhaps, the most significant thing about the platform is the offer itself – loaded with a huge amount of features it really stands out against the background of competition. The options for getting in touch are many – you can contact the customer reps via Skype, toll-free phone, email or take advantage of a ‘call me back’ feature (we gave this one a try and worked, pretty fast – it took 5 minutes to hear from Annette, support team member). In addition, you can make use of ‘chat now’ on-site app. A quality guarantee (according to the service, all the papers are written by native speakers and satisfaction guarantee is reaching 100%) is backed by a refund program. But stay sharp – there is plenty of ins and outs, so read the agreement carefully before you part with your dollars; thus, e.g. there even if your deadline is missed, you not necessarily get 100% refund.

EvolutionWriters.com review – the pricing model

As for the starting price, $9.97, honestly, it’s a bargain. Really, the pricing is going through the floor and it seems like something having in common with the real world – after all, the company was established on the crest of a wave of such services back in 2009. However, you won’t be able to calculate the price very quickly – the on-site calculator is a little bit weird, so it is highly likely you will have to play with numbers manually. The pricing page says you get an extra 5% or even 10% discount if your order exceeds $500 or $1,000 accordingly, which is good and not at the same time. Of course, you save your money, but why not advertise the juicy discount clearly? Hopefully, this is something that is calculated at checkout automatically.

Online experience

EvolutionWriters.com promises to protect your privacy and maintain confidentiality of all the data you deal with through SSL encryption and McAffee Site Advisor. The company also boasts a Trust Guard certificate and a good number of payment options, which is also a mark of trustworthiness.

From the interface prospects the platform doesn’t look extraordinary – you deal with a quite average website with a pretty clear structure. Placing your order is all about 3 quick steps, once your order is approved, a customer representative reaches you via email in about 10 minutes (after all, that was the time during our test order). In our case the deadline was met in strict accordance with the contract – the file was emailed 15 minutes before the agreed time.

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